About the conference

The Innovation Center of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design will organize its first Future Materials Conference during 15th-16th September 2022 in Budapest, Hungary. The event will provide a platform for designers, researchers, private sector representatives and students to present and discuss the latest trends in the materials industry via a combination of lectures, discussion sessions, and workshops.

We will explore the contemporary state and defining role materials play in reshaping our future. From experimental research and forward-thinking material developments to current collaborations and innovations within the professional design industry.

The two-day event will examine topics including (but not limited to):

  • Materials living around us
  • Material as medium and culture
  • Industry's race for new materials
  • Dynamic and high-tech materials

The conference aims at bringing together experts working internationally in the fields of biomaterials, augmented textiles and high-tech materials (and more) through presentations, physical exhibitions, workshops and discussions. We strongly believe in the powerful effect the cross-pollination of knowledge has in research and development therefore we are interested in encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration to further push the boundaries of material design culture.

Project no. MEC_SZ 141515 has been implemented with the support provided by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, financed under the MEC_SZ_21 funding scheme.

MOME Innovation Center

MOME Innovation Center is one of the largest design research & innovation hubs in CEE and focuses on using art and design competencies to solve economic, social, and environmental challenges. The Innovation Center is committed to supporting the inventive use of design across five research fields:

  • Future materials
  • Data storytelling
  • Social design
  • Sustainable industry
  • Immersion & interaction


Your organization can collaborate with us through:

  • Design-based research, including student R&D courses, research partnerships, new product development or joint grant applications
  • Tailor-made design courses for your talents
  • Joint hackathons, incubation programs, or patronage of researcher residency programs

We are always seeking to engage in new research & development partnerships – reach out to us if you are interested!