After the first day of inspiring lectures and discussions, the second day of Future Materials Conference will host various workshops for participants on 29 September.

The workshops will provide a chance to synthesize the ideas and knowledge of the first day and give hands-on opportunities to practice innovative material use, understanding the role of materials design in today's design world, and the application of new materials in the actual design process. The workshops will be hosted by renowned researchers and representatives from different areas of the materials industry.

We are sorry to inform you that we have reached the maximum capacity for all workshops.

09:00 – 12:00

Bio-sparkle design with bio-based sequin with Malu Lücking

Discover the art of conscious embellishment in our “Bio-Sparkle"" workshop, where creativity meets environmental responsibility!

Join us and learn how to make your own plastic-like material using natural and biodegradable ingredients only. Explore the fascinating process of creating bio-based sequins, replacing traditional plastic that contribute to environmental harm.

After a hands-on session where we are going to make our bio-based plastic, we will transform these into colourful sequin of different shapes. This sequin we will use to, finally, design our own embellished and home-compostable shopping bag. After its use you can just throw it on the home compost, just like an apple - it will not leave any toxic residue behind.

09:30 – 17:00

Material Dialogues: Navigating complexity, a mode to approach the territories of Materials Design with Valentina Rognoli & Sofia Soledad Duarte Poblete

Materials design now encompasses tools and methods for designing with and for new materials. It's time to spotlight this reframed practice and establish it as an emerging profession capable of contributing to circular and sustainable design. The material designer—practitioner of this discipline—should be recognized as a key player in the shift towards a new material paradigm.

The 'Material Dialogues' workshop will offer you an overview of theoretical concepts in materials design, including its reframed historical evolution, the notion of material experiences, materials-driven design methods, and the role of the material designer. The workshop also fosters a practical activity of materials characterization and a discussion of the material designer as a professional practice.

13:30 – 15:30

Make your own mushroom purse with Emese Takács & Gergely Kiss

Make your own mushroom purse!

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about a revolutionary new material: leather grown from mycelium! In the first half of the workshop, the workshop leaders will give a short introductory lecture on the use of mycelium in the world of alternative materials through examples from abroad, and also present their Fraxinea project.

In the second half of the workshop, you will make objects with mycelium leather: Using a sample, everyone will be able to create their own purse to take home after the workshop.

If you want to learn more about mycelium-based materials and make your own purse from a new experimental material, join us for this workshop!